Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

YAY!  Heard from Easton finally today.

HEY! I am doing good.  Sorry I wasn't able to email yesterday because of the temple trip, we didn't get back until 6ish so it was a long day. It is crazy to see how much I forgot about the temple this past year. I am for sure making it a goal to go at least once a month when I get home that is for sure!! 

Ya Elder Hozman is doing alright. I am for sure getting more patience on the bright side haha.

On the bright side, Victoria (their investigator) made her boyfriend move out because she realized how bad of an influence he was on her so that was good. It was a little stressful for her to have to do that.

We don't have to many investigators, but the ones we do have are doing great, There is this one family the Adamsons and they are awesome. Ron, he is a in-active member since he was 16 so he doesn't know a whole lot about the church, but he for sure knows a lot about the unimportant stuff.

The medication works for sure but just till about 1-2ish then it wears off and then it is hard to stay focused sometimes.Since i have been on the medication, I am able to slow down my speaking and very little stuttering so that is good too!

To answer you question, yes I know Elder Walters he is an awesome missionary. He was here in Farmington for a long time and now he is in Cameron,AZ and doing awesome!

Here are some pics from the temple trip

 Elder Easton, Elder Rubio, Elder Castro

Elder Larsen

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