Monday, October 12, 2015

October 5, 2015


Hey everything is going good. It is now suit season here until April, so we have to wear our suits everyday. Which kind of sucks a lot but it is all good. I will get over it haha! Yea everything is going good.  We watched conference and it was awesome.  I have a request to get a couple of talks sent to me if that is alright. 

Uchtdorf-Priesthood, saturday morning
Foster-Saturday Afternoon
Hales- Saturday Afternoon
Lawerence- Saturday Morning
Monson-Priesthood, Sunday Morning
Keetch-Sunday Afternoon

If it is possible to get these talks to use that would be great:)  We were able to watch conference at the Stake Center and at the Palfreymans.

It is starting to feel like fall here as well. It is getting to stay in the 70's.  It rained yesterday and this morning so that was really nice.

We have Zone Conference this Tuesday and also I am going on exchanges with Elders Castro and Rubio so that
is going to be great.

Victoria is doing alright as of now. We haven't met with her in the past week so that is getting us a little worried but it is all good. It will work out for the best! Thank you for everything!

This is one of the churches here and it looks like a mall and it 
also has a starbucks in there haha

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