Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

HEY! Everything is getting better.  Things are improving so that's great. Our family is going to have to be changed until June now! They need a little more time to keep progressing and come to church! So hopefully they come to church and also we found some really good potentials that should make really good investigators!! 

(group email)
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't done this in a while! Everything here is good in Bloomfield, New Mexico. Not a whole lot has gone on this past week. We have been trying to talk to a lot of people so that we can get new investigators so we have been doing a lot of door knocking and street contacting! We have had a little success by that but not really a whole lot, it is really hard to find Hispanics out here because they blend in with the Natives. Most of the time what we have to do is profile and just try where we know that there is one Hispanic because that means there are at least 5 or so in the surrounding area. All in all it has been really good, Hot and dry, but good! Love you guys and have an awesome week.
Elder Richards

Just a couple of pics that Elder Richards sent me for my lesson in a couple of week.  I sure love and miss this kid.