Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016

Hey, everything is going pretty good, still pushing through I guess you could say. It has been pretty tough this last week with him but it could be worse! the hole in my mouth is doing good and it is all healed up!

This past week was for sure better we were able to see a few more people than last and still most of our investigators are in Mexico or getting ready to leave for it. But really this past week there wasn't anything new. Well Monste Ortega our recent convert went with the youth to the temple and did baptisms. So that is really neat! Besides that there isn't anything new! Sorry for the short email but that is all there is. 

June 20, 2016

Things are going pretty good here. It was an interesting week last week lets just say that! Haha.  But thanks for the package and yes I got the glasses thank you so much because they really help out a lot!!! I really do appreciate it! 

The "hole" in my mouth is doing better! It is healing and not really any pain any more. Still every once in a while I feel something when I eat something and it gets pushed in there but that is really it! 

Thanks for the pictures it looks pretty cool up there!

We lost a few more investigators and so that has been pretty tough but still finding others. This past 2 weeks have been going by fast because we are working but at the same time it is kind of slow because no one is opening their doors and they are gone because of vacation so it is kind of tough really. But we are still pushing forward!

So on Friday we were at the Garcia's (the first counselor in the branch) but we were about to start to pray when their neighbor knocked on the door and said that there was a huge fire in their back yard. We ran outside and their back yard was up in flames. So we all ran outside and started grabbing the shovels and started to stop the spread of it while the fire department was on their way! A cool experience from it was the fact of the protection of the garments because my arms and my lower legs were very hot, but where the garments were I didn't feel a thing so I for sure have a testimony of them and how they really do protect us in everything and luckily we stopped the spread of the fire and then the fire department showed up and got everything squared away. Nothing of importance got destroyed and it destroyed the telephone post and they even got that replaced that night and that was also the cause of the fire. The transformer popped and started it. No one got hurt either so we were very blessed!

Thank you again for everything mom love ya 

June 13, 2016

So I got the tooth pulled on Tuesday. They got me in because it got swollen and also I don't know if they charged you for it or not. The lady said that it was all covered and I didn't have to worry about anything?? So I am not sure.

Things are a little better but still a challenge and it is about once a week we are butting heads now so not as bad as before just because there is less for him to pick at so besides that is is going good. This last week was really slow with work because my tooth got pulled and everything.

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

This past week was a good week. We were able to find 3 new investigators they look pretty promising. One of them for sure, Mateo, he is a very humble guy and wants to really learn so we are excited for him. Besides that, it was just a normal week. This past transfer flew by and I can't believe that it is already June. I am doing well, a little flustered and my patience is getting tested but for sure a learning experience. But what can you do? We are staying together and also I am the 2nd companion that he has had for more than one transfer so I think that describes him pretty well.

So Brenda kind of dropped us and doesn't want to meet with us for right now as she is going through this hard time in her life she said.  So we will probably try back in the next two months or so. But everything happens for a reason.  We were probably just that seed as of right now.

With the tooth, that seems fine with me so then I don't have to deal with it any more so if that is okay with you then it is okay with me!

Also I am running out of Gel. I can make it for the next couple of weeks but I thought that I would let you know! Also I don't know if it is possible to be able to get prescription sunglasses here since now  we are good to wear them because of the intense sun.  Just thought that I would ask.

Here are a couple of pictures

the horses on the rez are pretty racist

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 30, 2016

Hey, yeah sorry I wasn't able to email yesterday, but everything is going good and I can't complain too much. Nothing crazy has happened this past week just the usual I guess. Sorry and no pictures either. 

Brenda is doing good we saw her last week and she has improved a little so that was good to see and she is reading too so that is awesome! 

The denstist went good today. So I may have a fracture in that tooth so he will let me know this week and if so, I will need to get an implant when I get home so that sucks and I am praying for the best right now!
Yes I got it and thank you very much I appreciate it a lot.

Sorry this email was really boring there wasn't a whole lot to tell this week.

May 23, 2016

Good morning,

Things are going pretty well as of right now.  We have found a few new investigators this week so that has been pretty good. To add on to last weeks story of the lady and how we were put there in the right moment. On Thursday all of our lessons fell through and all of our back ups fell through too.  At one point our back up fell through even before we got there, that is how bad it was. We got the impression to go and see Brenda, the lady that went through that hard time last week. We stopped by and knocked on their door and no answer and knocked again and nothing and right as we were going to step down they pulled in again and she just got back from the Hospital and so it was a miracle to have been there right in the right time again. We taught part of the plan of salvation with the atonement and resurrection. It was a great lesson with her and her family.  

Things are going pretty good so far, still a lot of rough patches that we are getting through is all.

Remember that the "The Spirit can not play his role as comforter if are not out of our comfort zone". I can't remember who said that but I really like it.

This was our hike over in Dulce

May 16, 2016

Hey so everything is going okay I guess. 

This past week was pretty good besides the weekend where no one was home but really cool miracle for the week. We got a referral on Friday from the Farmington Spanish Eelders and they told us that they just went through a miscarriage and they were struggling. We went over that night and we got there and no one was there and we started to walk away and then 2 vehicles pulled up and they got out and it was the lady and her husband with their family. We started to talk to him and they just barely got back form the hospital and so they were pretty down and disheartened and then the mom asked if we could give her a blessing. 

We got in there and shared a scripture about the spirit world to give her a little bit of comfort, and then we gave her a blessing and after she was crying. At that point I had no idea of what to do because she was crying and I hate it when people cry, but luckily her mom was there to help and her friend. The spirit in that moment was so strong and it was a really neat experience to have. It really shows Gods' hand in things and how he can put us in the right place at the right time!

The Navajo Dam