Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

YAY!  Heard from Easton finally today.

HEY! I am doing good.  Sorry I wasn't able to email yesterday because of the temple trip, we didn't get back until 6ish so it was a long day. It is crazy to see how much I forgot about the temple this past year. I am for sure making it a goal to go at least once a month when I get home that is for sure!! 

Ya Elder Hozman is doing alright. I am for sure getting more patience on the bright side haha.

On the bright side, Victoria (their investigator) made her boyfriend move out because she realized how bad of an influence he was on her so that was good. It was a little stressful for her to have to do that.

We don't have to many investigators, but the ones we do have are doing great, There is this one family the Adamsons and they are awesome. Ron, he is a in-active member since he was 16 so he doesn't know a whole lot about the church, but he for sure knows a lot about the unimportant stuff.

The medication works for sure but just till about 1-2ish then it wears off and then it is hard to stay focused sometimes.Since i have been on the medication, I am able to slow down my speaking and very little stuttering so that is good too!

To answer you question, yes I know Elder Walters he is an awesome missionary. He was here in Farmington for a long time and now he is in Cameron,AZ and doing awesome!

Here are some pics from the temple trip

 Elder Easton, Elder Rubio, Elder Castro

Elder Larsen

September 28, 2015

No email today.  Elder Richards went with his mission to the Monticello Temple.  Here are a couple of pics. Can you find Elder Richards?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 21, 2015

So to answer your question, in the service pic, that was Elder Craighead he is one of the Zone Leaders here!

Everything is going better with Elder Hozeman, so that is good, I confronted him with a couple of things and so now we are on the same terms, Victoria (one of our investigators) is doing great still and she is still progressing, She didn't come to church because she was really sick so that kind of sucks, but she is awesome!! Not much has happened besides the fact of us doing some service and we went on a couple of exchanges and also I am staying here in Farmington for transfers, so that is good!
I forgot to take  a picture with my glasses, but I will do that and get it to ya next week!
 Elder Hozeman from Columbia.  My current companion.

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hola mi familia!!

Things here are going great.  We just had stake conference this past Sunday and that was great! They talked about keeping the sabbath day holy and how we should do better at it. It is always funny to see the people that go up there and just try and boast about how good they are in keeping it holy. There was this one lady who told about how she does so much to keep it holy and then one of the members in the stake council got up after and basically said some things that were the opposite of what she was saying so it was pretty funny haha! Victoria is doing great. We went over the ten commandments and she said she will live them all and the only one that she is really struggling with is using the Lords name in vain. She is already trying to quit smoking and drinking coffee. She is Really GOLDEN!!!
So question for ya.I was just looking at the pictures and saw the one with Kinley and Kadie. How is Kadie doing?? She said that she was pretty sick for the summer and now she is doing better! but ya just wondering!

Thank you for the Hump day package. Time really does fly by really fast out here! it is kind of scary to think that i am going to go home in a year and it really is going by way too fast!! Thank you for the book and I was pretty surprised by that last picture in there hahaha 

That is really cool about you guys reading the Book of Mormon. I am planning on reading it at least 2 more times before I get home! I have started it right now and I am going through a BOM (the ones we hand out) and just underlining everything that has to do with the atonement and how it applies to me! it is crazy how much I am finding in there and I am only in 2 Nephi 7, so that is going really good!

So with teaching the law of Chastity the easiest way that we teach it is to be BOLD with it and mainly focus on the blessing because that is the most important part! Just a tip that you can use if you want!

To answer your question, you guys write me enough so don't worry about it! The packages are great and maybe just send me some printed out pictures instead of email because those are better to have on person than only being able to look at them on the email once a week! So like the ones you sent today would be good printed out and some of Holden playing golf and Kinley as well playing tennis too! Also would it be ok for you to send one of those amazon food packages? Those were really nice to get. Like canned chicken, juices and other things that are good for meals and not a whole lot of snacking items.

So I got a Wok last Monday for $5 at Walmart, so i have been making fried rice and teriyaki chicken. So if you have any other recipes that would be great too thanks!:)

Love ya!
Elder Richards

Here are a few pictures of burning my shirt and tie for my year and 6 month mark.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 7, 2015


Things are going good here.  The work is really starting to progress and slowly starting to cool down for us finally. But it is still pretty hot! Everything with Elder Hozman is going ok.  There are a few things, but I am just trying to ignore them and be fine! haha  Everything with our investigators are going well and we are staying busy. Our one investigator on date is progressing and we have a lesson with her tonight so that should go great!!

Tell Hayden congrats on his mission call.

I gotta go. Love ya and have a great week.

This was an email I received last night:

Doing well. Thanks for the pacķages😊
I am sister McGee in the Farmington NM Mission office. I am new to the office and met your Elders today. They  are doing very well and are in good spirits. We love having them visit the office. They certainly bring a special spirit into our day. Thanks for sharing them with us
I hope these photos will open correctly. Enjoy!

August 31, 2015

HEY! I am doing great here! Can't complain too much haha! So this past week we put an investigator on date for October 31st.  We are super excited for that! Besides that we have not had that crazy of a week. 

We are teaching 9 lessons a week which is triple from what Elder Sanchez and me taught. Elder Hozman and I have a few issues, but nothing I can really do but just keeping a good attitude about it! 

Yes i got the packages and i will wait for the other one! And yes I know Elder Stevens. He is actually in Shiprock right now and ya he doesn't speak Spanish at all haha but my Spanish is progressing a lot and I bought a couple more books to help out with it so we will see how that goes! So how is Holden doing?? 

Oh also I forgot to mention that Elder Golden from the 70 was here on Wednesday! It was really great. He spoke to us for about 3-4 hours so that was pretty cool.

Will you please sent me my temple packet?  We are going to the temple at the end of September. 

Love you guys and have a great week! 

Elder Castro and Elder Jensen.