Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hola mi familia!!

Things here are going great.  We just had stake conference this past Sunday and that was great! They talked about keeping the sabbath day holy and how we should do better at it. It is always funny to see the people that go up there and just try and boast about how good they are in keeping it holy. There was this one lady who told about how she does so much to keep it holy and then one of the members in the stake council got up after and basically said some things that were the opposite of what she was saying so it was pretty funny haha! Victoria is doing great. We went over the ten commandments and she said she will live them all and the only one that she is really struggling with is using the Lords name in vain. She is already trying to quit smoking and drinking coffee. She is Really GOLDEN!!!
So question for ya.I was just looking at the pictures and saw the one with Kinley and Kadie. How is Kadie doing?? She said that she was pretty sick for the summer and now she is doing better! but ya just wondering!

Thank you for the Hump day package. Time really does fly by really fast out here! it is kind of scary to think that i am going to go home in a year and it really is going by way too fast!! Thank you for the book and I was pretty surprised by that last picture in there hahaha 

That is really cool about you guys reading the Book of Mormon. I am planning on reading it at least 2 more times before I get home! I have started it right now and I am going through a BOM (the ones we hand out) and just underlining everything that has to do with the atonement and how it applies to me! it is crazy how much I am finding in there and I am only in 2 Nephi 7, so that is going really good!

So with teaching the law of Chastity the easiest way that we teach it is to be BOLD with it and mainly focus on the blessing because that is the most important part! Just a tip that you can use if you want!

To answer your question, you guys write me enough so don't worry about it! The packages are great and maybe just send me some printed out pictures instead of email because those are better to have on person than only being able to look at them on the email once a week! So like the ones you sent today would be good printed out and some of Holden playing golf and Kinley as well playing tennis too! Also would it be ok for you to send one of those amazon food packages? Those were really nice to get. Like canned chicken, juices and other things that are good for meals and not a whole lot of snacking items.

So I got a Wok last Monday for $5 at Walmart, so i have been making fried rice and teriyaki chicken. So if you have any other recipes that would be great too thanks!:)

Love ya!
Elder Richards

Here are a few pictures of burning my shirt and tie for my year and 6 month mark.

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