Monday, January 26, 2015

HEY!! Everything is going great. The work on both sides is doing great and the people are progressing so we should have a few people on date this week or next! It is really exciting:)

I should get my glasses with in the next week or so. They said it takes 2-3 weeks. It was because my left eye is hardly working and my right eye is doing almost all of the work so it is not the best but can be corrected by glasses over a long period of time... maybe. But ya the doctor gave me a really good discount.  The frames were divided by 3 so it was nice and also I just got the best and most durable  lenses with the money we saved so they can last my whole mission! 

So about the guitar, it is really hard because I am not musically inclined at all!! But the Spanish is doing a lot better and yes I am speaking Spanish better.  I just need to learn how to conjugate now which is the hardest thing to do. But the weather is nice. It hasn't snowed since December, so I am good with cold weather gear. Thank you. 

Living with the AP's is pretty good. Not as bad as I thought that it was going to be. We are actually working out every morning pretty hard and are on kind of a diet now so that we can lose a little weight because we are all gaining it here haha. But it is going really good!

So a crazy story this week. My companion and I were knocking on a bunch of houses this week trying to find more Spanish people to teach because we are losing more investigators than we are finding ha so it kind of sucks but we found a few potentials that we are going to be able to start teaching. Back to the story, we saw this one house that we thought was Spanish and so we knocked and she was Spanish, but she told us that she already knew everything about the Bible and that she is already a believer in Christ. She told us to try her neighbor because they are not believers and they need help to be saved! So we go and knock on the door and we hear dogs barking inside and someone talking to someone else and we usually knock 3 times just in case and after the second knock I wasn't getting a good feeling so I told Elder Gonzalez that we should go and as soon as we got out of the gate the dogs came running around the corner and they were not very nice dogs. So I know that for a fact that it was from the Spirit that we should leave because if we wouldn't have they could have gotten us and something bad would have happened. 

Sorry no pics for this week :(.  

Well I gotta go. Love ya and bye!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hey! I am doing great. The eye keeps twitching and I have small headaches every now and again but I am going to the doctor on Wednesday now. I went in and tried to change it and I was able to! 

On the other hand Elder Gonzalez and I had to move in to the AP's house because they are closing down the house we were at! 5th ward still lives there and they will move out by the end of this transfer they are hoping! The house we are living in is really big for 4 elders. There are 2 baths around 4-5 rooms and the kitchen is pretty big but the house is a little older because there is carpet in the bathroom haha it is a little weird but good! We don't have to share a bathroom with 5 elders any more so that is nice. The reason why it is so big is because that is where all the new and the leaving elders stay the night you come in and leave so you get to see the newest of the new and the oldest of the old. We never really interact with the AP's.  They stay on their side of the house and we stay on ours! 

I haven't got to the Mission office yet to pick up my package, but i will later and thank you again and I am really excited to see how Kelton does. I think that he is going to be a great missionary! 

How is Kinley and her dance going?? 

We are teaching these two families right now and the ones we are teaching they both believe the same things we do so I am really excited to see how much they progress.  They read out of the pamphlets we give them and also the Book of Mormon! Elder Gonzalez and me are doing really good together and are really excited for these next weeks coming up! Love ya and here are some pictures!
-Elder Richards

Our new house

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7, 2015

Easton sent us a thumbdrive home for Christmas with tons of pics from the MTC and his mission.  I thought I would post a few.

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Thank you for everything again. Would you send me the vitamins, the ones that Holden and I used to have all the time. Also i would like another one which is called focus factor.  I have tried it out the last few weeks and I have really liked it. It has helped my headaches a lot and it also helps me focus on my studies and I can focus on Spanish a lot better! 

I am feeling the same way as Branson (with the language), but luckily it is more of mexican spanish so not too much of a difference, but it is still a little difficult. 

My Spanish is getting better. The understanding is getting easier and it is really nice to have 2 fluent companions so they can help me out! We are now talking Spanish all day except for breakfast and dinner and planning. That has helped me out a lot! love ya and if you have any other questions let me know!

I will know about transfers this Saturday but I got to go love ya and tiene un bueno semania ( have a good week

-Elder Easton Richards

We love out shirts.  They are the best. We all wear them. We cleaned the church with our branch last Saturday and we wore them there.  All of us did. Also Sister Palfreyman wore hers to church last week. Elder Delgado gave his last talk and so she came in with that shirt on because some one dared her so it was pretty funny.
 This is on your way out to Kirtland which is a town just outside of Farmington to the west.

December 29, 2014

HEY!! Christmas was really good here we spent a lot of time with members because most of our investigators were in Mexico or Texas. But it was still a good Christmas. It didn't snow until the day after Christmas so it was at least kind of nice to get a little bit! It has gotten pretty cold here now but not too bad! I was able to go out to the Reservation for the first time since I have been here. It was a little bit different from the city but not too much. Lately when I have been meeting Navajos they are really drunk. The only Navajos I have met were drunk so it has made some pretty funny experiences. The first time we met 2 of them in McDonalds and they asked us to preach for them but only if we gave them some money. We told them we could not and then one of them got all mad and was swearing at us. While the other one was talking to me and telling me to pray for him. While he was praying the other one was telling one of the other Elders that he was not liking the way he was looking at him and told him that he had no respect for him. While Elder Delgado, who doesn't like the Navajos, he was telling him how much respect he has for him. He also told Him, " I am so Gangster that even God knew it!" After that we talked just for a little bit longer then we left! After it was pretty funny and this usually happens like 2-3 times a week that we run into them. They are good people but they just struggle sometimes, so it is really tough for them! I am just glad that i am able to teach the Spanish people here instead! I hope your Christmas was good! Love ya and hope the best for you!

-Elder Richards