Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

HEY!! First that would be pretty cool if they did stop by! (The Wise Family while they are doing service on the Rez during Thanksgiving).  Saturday would be best because we are super busy on Thursday with service and also dinners and stuff like that! But again that would be cool to say hi to them! Yes i got an ax and thank you for that and also I was wondering with the money left over if you wanted me to use it on stuff for Christmas for you guys? There is a Flea market ( it is the best in the Rez) and wondering if you wanted anything from that or for Holden and Kinley?? 

Everything here is doing great. We have a couple of investigators that are doing great Their names are Alresha and Myrna. We found them while teaching Tyra and Myra( Tyra's mom). Myrna is Myra's sister and so Myra and Tyra invited Alresha over one night because she was going through a hard time and so we gave her a blessing and it was awesome and now we are teaching them! So we are hoping that if one of the families will accept a Baptismal date then the other one accept as well! The Rez is still good it is a lot of fun. The P-day's here are a lot better because we are able to go on hikes and do a lot of other stuff! Saturday night we had a fire with the other Elders in Kayenta, that was a lot of fun!! We had smores and roasted hot dogs too! The really good thing about the Rez is the Navajo nation really doesn't have a whole lot of laws around here. The only law that is strict around here is the no selling of alcohol on the Rez. The comp and I are doing great and getting a lot of work done here which is great!

What weight is Holden wrestling?? Who is he wrestling this week for Red/white?

The experience you asked for your lesson would be:

Victor Dominguez, He has been baptized for a year now, He was the one that was baptized when I came into the mission field. He had been taught for about 30 or so years on and off. His dad had been a member for along time in Mexico but he didn't want anything to do with it really. When he moved to America he was living with his brother and the missionaries came over and started teaching his brother but he wasn't progressing. Then the missionaries stopped for a while.  Elder Sanchez and Castro started teaching his brother and then Victor started listening in more and more and after a while his brother stopped listening, yet Victor was more and more interested in the gospel. After about 18 weeks he was finally baptized. Now he is a boss in the branch and is a ward missionary and also teaches in priesthood as well! It just shows that it may take time to finally get some one into the gospel so don't give up and keep trying and trying by being bold BUT with love, if you are over bearing then it is just annoying! Also Victor is going to the temple some time soon!

The greatest missionary tool is the members!! The missionaries can not do it alone.

Our trip to Page

The night of the fire.

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