Monday, December 14, 2015

November 30, 2015

Hey everything is going great here! We went to Page today and that is why we are emailing so late.  Had to get groceries for the month! 

Thanksgiving was great. We had dinner with The McCarty's they are an awesome family and also with the Keith's and one last one with the Noyes ( the senior couple here)! 

It was really good to see them (The Wise Family) here. No it didn't make me homesick  haha.

This past week wasn't the best because of the fact of no one was really home because of the holiday season so that was a bummer but what can ya do? 

Our investigators are doing good, not as good as we are hoping for but they are doing good! We didn't find any new investigators this past week so that was a bummer but also on the bright side we are doing a big Christmas initiative call ( A Savior is Born) the church put a video out for us and it is awesome! It is going to be a great proselyting tool! 

Everything with the comp is going good, we are still getting a long really good! The Noyes here are an awesome couple and they do a lot for us as well! 

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