Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

HEY! Everything is going good here!! We had an awesome week.  We met almost all of our goals so that was an awesome feeling. We picked up 4 new investigators and that was awesome! Their kids are super into wrestling and we may or may not help out a little with that and also go to their meets as well! They are an awesome family again! 

Last Monday we went on a hike. We were looking for these caves that were "suppose" to be on one of these monuments in Monument Valley. (By the way Monument Valley is awesome. I have a few pics). The way that the four of us took was pretty sketchy. We almost fell a few times and the scariest part was coming down the monument, because we had to go down the same way we came up! Elder Udy got to a certain point and slid down the mountain on his butt. It was a little funny, and just before that Elder Searle fell down as well on his butt.The worst thing about this whole trip was we didn't find one cave at all haha so that was a bummer!! 

Thursday we went to Tuba City for zone training that was good. Our zone is awesome! We don't have any sisters thank goodness, That is not meant in a bad way haha 

Friday we had interviews with President Adams and Sister Adams that was really good. He told me that I would finish my mission in Spanish so I am glad for that! Earlier that day we went to help Chris Keith( a legit member) haul coal for his friend. That was a lot of fun it took 4 hours but it was worth it. Here in the Rez people either have wood burning stoves, pellets, or coal that they burn. It is a pretty simple life style but the thing is they choose to live like that. 

Also this past week we had a Shima( an old Navajo grandma) out with fixing her windows. We had to put all new siding around it with plastic covering it to get it winter ready and after we caulked it all up to keep it water tight.

We live in a duplex with the other 2 Elders here sorry i forgot to take pictures of it but I have others from last Monday and such! It is pretty good, a little dirty, but good! We are working on cleaning it! 

No I don't need a GPS anymore since it won't do any good out here so don't worry about it haha. I don't need any more clothes, but ties are always nice and that is really it, oh also hair gel. I can make it until Christmas for sure though. I just thought of this but those jackets that dad has that he gets from work for free, Something like that would be nice because of how it rains here and snows so something light like that would be ideal. 

About the package it is my temple clothes, I wont be able to go the year following because I go home before it happens.

We have a few members that have offered to feed us on thanksgiving so we are good there and here are a few pictures

The first one is of the Utah border sign in monument valley 

This is the mountain we hiked, that part were it is notched out, on the right side of it at the top is where we were

These next few pics are from the top

Oh ya also,dogs are a real big problem here so if there is any way you could sent some dog repellent stuff that would be awesome because these dogs just don't really care who you are they will still attack 

This is the Crew that went hiking with us, it was our whole district

Also today we are going on another hike to see some old Anazi ruins, they 
say that the Anazis are the Gadianton Robbers because Anazi means old ones

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