Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

So the Rez for the first week was good.  It is a lot different than Farmington that is for sure! Ya there isn't much out here so ya we mainly focus on 3 areas here and that is the NHA( Navajo Housing Authority), this trailer court and High school housing. We have 4 investigators that are super promising. Myra,Tyra and Anisha and Eric! Myra Trya and Anisha are awesome and the lesson we taught this week was awesome. We are hoping that they are going to get baptized! We told them to pray and come up with a date and we will see this week what it is! Eric is sweet, he has cut back from 10 dips of chew to 3-4 a day now so that is really cool! He also know that he needs to get baptized as well! 

Elder Udy is from Tennessee.  He is awesome and we are getting along great! Yes he is a hard worker and he has been out for 3 months or so! 

The ward is good.  There is a lot of less active work to do here so that is our main focus and if we get investigators that is just a bonus! haha.  I am not so sure of how big our area is because we just stay in the Township of Kayenta. 

We email from a members home who has like 10-12 computer so a small library haha but they are awesome members! 

We are able to go to Page, AZ once a month and buy what we need there.  Also I have a doctors appointment next week some time and I was wondering if you could put some money on my home card so I can pay the co-pay on the appointment and medication? 

Here a few pictures

2nd day it snowed and the roads get pretty bad here, as you can tell by the truck

here is Kayenta from our place

This is snake rock

And from his group email.

It is pretty barren here. There isn't a whole lot mainly just Navajos and Navajos haha and there are a few white people that are sprinkled in! It is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I do miss the Spanish people and the Spanish speaking but it will be good! 

We went to a playoff game on Saturday for Kayenta and they lost but it was a lot of fun going to it though! 
So funny story of the week, we were talking to Jeremiah, a potential, and his brother on Thursday night and this place is a pretty safe place but we were talking and then a white yukon pulled up and the brother got a little serious and said he had to take care of some business and that he would be right back. So he left and came out with his girlfriend and they went to their car grabbed some stuff and went into the car all while we were talking to Jeremiah and then his brother got out of the yukon and put quite a bit of something into his pocket and came back like nothing happened and told us not to say anything and then he just started laughing but we were a little freaked out since we were part of a drug deal there haha but those guys were pretty cool! Love you guys and have an awesome week!!
Elder Richards
Here are a few pictures from this week!   

Some of the roads

This is Kayenta, AZ

Thank you and also we do a lot of wood chopping here in the near future and was wondering if i can have some money for an ax??

Easton's new address
Elder Easton Richards
PO BOX 151
Kayenta, AZ

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