Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9, 2015

Hey!  So to answer your question about what time I will be emailing,  when we email here it just kind of depends on the day. So sorry about that.  We email form the library in Bloomfield.  The packages will go to the post office if they are to big! But everything is going great here.  Not much happened this week but it did fly by though so that was really nice haha! The weather has been really nice here so it has been good to walk in! 

Everything is going great here! the people are awesome. The members and the investigators are awesome too! I really love it out here! Also really like my companion.  We get a long great and I am learning a lot more Spanish so that is awesome and we both have to talk more and listen more too!

Sorry about not writing much there wasn't a whole lot to this week!

 Last meal with the Palfreyman's before transfers a couple of weeks ago.
The Spanish Elders.

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