Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23, 2015

Thank you for the St. Patricks package it was nice and in the next one can you just send a lot of peach and mango Hi-Chews? I forgot how good they were! Also, are my gray shoes in the package that you are sending?? Thank you again! 

Everything is going great and this week my investigator in Farmington is getting baptized and President Batt is letting me go to it so that is really exciting! The family that you asked me about if they had committed, we were not able to invite them this week, because it didn't feel right but we are shooting for this week hopefully!!

I didn't know that Kenzie Gardner had gotten her mission call! You will have to let me know how Kinley does on her first solo competition this week! How is holden and his wrestling?? I will email him today! 

Here are a couple of pics for you.  The first one is a shrine of Mary! you see these everywhere, this is probably the best one

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