Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Everything is going great and we had a baptism last Saturday!! That was really cool! She is 9 and her mom and dad just got baptized 3 months ago! Her dad was ordained a Priest and was able to baptize her! That was probably the coolest part. Here are some pictures from the baptism! Last Tuesday we were asked by a member to help them drown a skunk so that was fun! He called us saying he has got a skunk and wanted our help! So we helped him and after he fed us lunch! Later that same day we went to go and try a referral from the Sisters. When we got there, this dog was staring at us and started going crazy to the point he was trying to bite us! We got up the stairs and shut the gate and he went under the house. After we knocked a couple of times, we started down the stairs and Elder Oakley went first but the dog didn't come out and I was behind him because I had to shut the gate. I started down the stairs and he didn't come out and then I turned around and he was coming around the back way behind the porch and started running after me and he almost got me before I got into the truck! But luckily I got in on time haha! 

But all in all I am doing great! My Spanish is getting a lot better! Because I actually have to use it a lot more now, so that is good! We are probably going to a members home or even one of our investigators home for General Conference! But we have this one family and they are doing amazing and we are hoping to put them on date this week, but it all depends on if they go to church this week.

To answer your question about how many missionaries there are here, there are only 6 missionaries in Bloomfield! And tell Kinley that Sister Jesse is in my district. But thank you for everything that you have done and here are a few pictures as well!! Love you guys!

-Elder Richards
and Tambien que tengan una maravillosa semana y gracias por las todas cosas!
(you all have a great week and thank you for all things)   

Also, here is a quote I really like:
Fun is self-centered
Happy is others centered
Joy is Christ centered.

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This is the street that Easton lives on.  Yes I was google earth stalking.  The building on the left is where he emails from :)

And sadly the computer wasn't working to send his pics.  They wouldn't attach :(

JK.  3 hours later the pics came through

 Our District

 Yahara's family

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