Monday, January 5, 2015

December 29, 2014

HEY!! Christmas was really good here we spent a lot of time with members because most of our investigators were in Mexico or Texas. But it was still a good Christmas. It didn't snow until the day after Christmas so it was at least kind of nice to get a little bit! It has gotten pretty cold here now but not too bad! I was able to go out to the Reservation for the first time since I have been here. It was a little bit different from the city but not too much. Lately when I have been meeting Navajos they are really drunk. The only Navajos I have met were drunk so it has made some pretty funny experiences. The first time we met 2 of them in McDonalds and they asked us to preach for them but only if we gave them some money. We told them we could not and then one of them got all mad and was swearing at us. While the other one was talking to me and telling me to pray for him. While he was praying the other one was telling one of the other Elders that he was not liking the way he was looking at him and told him that he had no respect for him. While Elder Delgado, who doesn't like the Navajos, he was telling him how much respect he has for him. He also told Him, " I am so Gangster that even God knew it!" After that we talked just for a little bit longer then we left! After it was pretty funny and this usually happens like 2-3 times a week that we run into them. They are good people but they just struggle sometimes, so it is really tough for them! I am just glad that i am able to teach the Spanish people here instead! I hope your Christmas was good! Love ya and hope the best for you!

-Elder Richards

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