Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

HOLA!  Hey!! How is everything going?? Everything here is going great.  It is starting to get a little colder but it is not too bad. It has rained a few times in the last couple weeks and it has snowed once on Saturday, but only for a few minutes.  On Sunday we woke up to a little bit on our grass but it was gone by the time we left for church. I am pretty sure this is not going to be a white Christmas here at all. Mainly because it doesn't get cold enough and it doesn't rain or snow here much either! On Saturday it was raining really hard and we were walking around in one of the trailer parks. By the time we got back we were soaked. I hope everything is going great! And I hope that your week is great and remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas and make it the most important part of this Christmas season as well as your life!! 
Love ya
-Elder Easton Richards

To answer your questions, yes we are hoping on skyping Christmas morning, but I am not for sure what time we are going to be calling though, sorry. I am going to send my Christmas package for you guys in the next couple of days so just be looking for it around Friday or Saturday. Everything is going great here, The Spanish is coming better and I am being more able to understand and talk. We decided for me to start the lessons so it doesn't get too off subject and I get completely lost. The investigators that we have are doing really good. We have 2 really great investigators and are super excited to see how they are going to do! I am sending a letter with a lot of detail in the package like you asked for!!

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