Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Thank you for everything again. Would you send me the vitamins, the ones that Holden and I used to have all the time. Also i would like another one which is called focus factor.  I have tried it out the last few weeks and I have really liked it. It has helped my headaches a lot and it also helps me focus on my studies and I can focus on Spanish a lot better! 

I am feeling the same way as Branson (with the language), but luckily it is more of mexican spanish so not too much of a difference, but it is still a little difficult. 

My Spanish is getting better. The understanding is getting easier and it is really nice to have 2 fluent companions so they can help me out! We are now talking Spanish all day except for breakfast and dinner and planning. That has helped me out a lot! love ya and if you have any other questions let me know!

I will know about transfers this Saturday but I got to go love ya and tiene un bueno semania ( have a good week

-Elder Easton Richards

We love out shirts.  They are the best. We all wear them. We cleaned the church with our branch last Saturday and we wore them there.  All of us did. Also Sister Palfreyman wore hers to church last week. Elder Delgado gave his last talk and so she came in with that shirt on because some one dared her so it was pretty funny.
 This is on your way out to Kirtland which is a town just outside of Farmington to the west.

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