Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

My companions are great! They are so funny and we have a lot of fun! The area is huge.  We mostly are in trailer parks on the east side of the mission. Farmington has the most trailer parks in the nation.  They are everywhere. I can't believe how big they are! I really like the area already.  The people that we are teaching and meeting with are just so nice and friendly! We are liked a lot as the Spanish elders because they are fun and all of the English elders are more focused on the number where the Spanish are focused on the people more because we are in the same spot for about a 1/3 of our mission. So I am really glad that we are more focused on the people and everyone was super nice that we taught.  There are only 3 Spanish areas so that is why and also 7 Spanish elders as well. The only time I really speak Spanish is in the house and lessons so not too much but we are trying to speak more! We get fed the most from people of different wards and the Spanish branch so it is pretty good. This whole week I haven't had to cook dinner once so that is super nice. Do you think that you can send my football cleats and gloves because we play football on p-days? 

So my first day we were walking through this trailer park when this guy asked us if we were from the church so we said yes and asked if he was interested and he said no but don't take this offensive and flips us off.  We just say thanks and walk away but it was pretty funny!

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