Tuesday, April 26, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hey so everything right now is going great! This past week was one of the slowest so far on the mission because no one was home and it really did suck haha! Everyone was either in mexico or have family from Mexico over so they said to come back this week haha but what can you do!! 

It feels that with this past week things are getting harder with him, it is really testing my patience though and it kind of sucks not going to lie! In the mornings for workouts I kind of just release everything to calm me down, so that is good haha

Easter was alright i guess. It was super slow and nothing happened. All of our lessons canceled so that was great! I am just really excited to be able to enjoy conference this week though! I am pretty stoked for it! 

Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt with the branch and then ate lunch it was a lot of fun and I think I know what I want to make you guys for when I get home! While we were eating it started to snow on us a little bit, but it wasn't too cold luckily. 

That was really the high light of the week ha 

Yes thank you for the package and and yes the shoes fit and they are pretty nice to walk in thank you very much! 

Also what i have been trying to do is service for him just like small things like the dishes and make his bed when he forgets or that!

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