Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey! So first I did get the watch.  Thank you very much and I appreciate it! 

Conference was awesome and I really enjoyed it so much! I have to say that Elder Christofferson was my favorite talk though that is for sure! We just watched it at the church for all 5 sessions! 

This past week was a lot better than the one before. People were actually home and we weren't able to see as many people as we wanted, but it was still a lot better that is for sure! 

Honestly there isn't a whole lot that has been going on here so yeah haha. The Rrtegas are still doing great they are still super strong and helping out the branch a lot!

The transfer ends on the 25th of April.

Sorry that there wasnt a whole lot to say for this past week!

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