Tuesday, April 26, 2016

March 21, 2016


Everything is going pretty good here.  Not too much is going on. Last week was pretty slow but still did a lot thank goodness.  Last night we were at the Ortegas forever haha they had a lot of questions, which is a good thing. Nothing too crazy happened this past week but funny story. So we were on exchanges and I was with Elder Lake, he is serving in Escrito. We were walking around and profiling houses looking for Spanish people and we decided to knock on this one door and this old lady comes out. Right when she opened the door she says, " We have a lot of sick people in here right now" so Elder Lake asked if we could come back another time and she just says, " did you not see the no trespassing sign?" Then Elder Lake goes no because I don't read English, so she said really? What do you speak then? Very sarcastically, Oh I am from the Reservation and I speak Navajo and she says oh sorry but just read the sign and there is also a beware of dog sign too so bye. We just walked away laughing pretty hard and we were looking for the No Trespassing sign and there wasn't one. The funniest part is that for some reason she believed that he didn't read English when he was clearly speaking it just fine.

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