Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hey Mom!!

Everything is going good here and couldn't have asked for a better week! 

Not a whole lot happened Monday, just regular p-day stuff. On Tuesday we went to the Bishop's Store House and did service by filling truck orders and helping out with that. On Wednesday we were on exchanges with 4th ward and we had a 5 lesson day which was great!!! We also went to mutual. At mutual they taught how to butcher a chicken and a pig and then they actually butchered a chicken which was fun!! Thursday was just district meeting nothing to exciting. On Friday we found a new family who hasn't been taught before so that is good and we are excited for them. On Saturday we did the service project and that was fun. There was about three of us who knew what we were doing out of the seven so that was kind of funny, Then later that night the Tarangos were having a party for their 2 little girls ( Synthia, and Andrea) it was fun. 

So I have been thinking of what I need for Christmas.  A GPS would be nice. Razors and toiletry stuff like Old spice deodorant the (anti-perspirant  and deodorant), Old Spice head and shoulders and also razors for Gillette and body wash as well and toothbrushes and paste and if at all possible being able to send the book Miracle of Forgiveness in the Halloween package would be awesome. But that is all I can really think of! 

Love you guys!

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