Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015


We are doing great here! The work is starting to pick up and we are getting the members involved with missionary work! There is a priest who we take out with us quite a bit now. His name is Blaise. He loves coming out with us and it is a lot of fun. He is a great kid. A little weird but we love him haha! 

We are starting to also get more members who are wanting to help and all we needed to do was just ask for help and they jumped on the invitation. This week we found 2 new investigators and one of them wants to be baptized soooo bad but she is having to wait on a divorce to go through so she can marry her boyfriend. The other one wants to learn more about temples and we started talking about how families can be together forever and he loved it and wants us to share it with his family. 

Karina, the less active member we found, is doing great and came to church yesterday again. She is getting to know a lot of people which is great. She is awesome. Right now what we are doing with her is just teaching her the lessons like we would to an investigator because she just wants to be refreshed on all the basics of everything which is fantastic. We have a lot of potentials that are interested as of right now and hopefully will then become investigators later on in the future.

Me and Elder Hozman are doing great and are getting a lot of work done! Time is flying by so fast!!!!!!!! Next year at this time I will be home.  It feels like I have just barely left. I don't like it!! Haha!

Love ya,

Elder Richards

Also tell Kinley that for the past 2 weeks or so we have been playing tennis with the Ap's and I am starting to be alright at it. It's harder than you would think!

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