Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015


So ya transfers happen tomorrow.  I am staying in Farmington and I am getting a new companion. He is from Columbia and he was serving on the rez, but Elder Sanchez is going to Sheeps Springs on the rez so he is not to excited to leave but it is all good!  His name is Elder Hozman and yes he does speak Spanish. He has been out for about 6-8 months i believe!  To answer your question, I went to the doctor in April for my back because I was having some serious pain. I have a really bad muscle strain in the left of my back but I can't really do anything about it on the mission, but it is all good!

So this week we have done a lot of service. We worked at the Bishop's store house and I thought that I would never use my grocery store skills ever in my life again, but what we did was fill orders and stock shelves. It brought back a lot of memories though haha.

We also are now helping in the animal shelter by walking the dogs which is a lot of fun actually! 

Then we helped paint the inside of an elderly lady's house on Saturday. We felt really bad because of how bad it was in there. Her granddaughters, they are 10 and 7, write all over the walls and made it a mess in there! So it was a pretty neat experience. After we were done it looked a lot better. Here is a few pictures of the after math!! 

And yes I got the packages from you and the ward, thank you so much for that!!

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