Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Hey! So we are doing very well here in Farmington. Elder Hozman and I are doing awesome so far!! He is obedient and we  taught 6 lessons this week, which is an improvement from our 3 with Elder Sanchez.  So the work is starting to spring up. We did find a new investigator and she is in her 70's so we will see how it goes. Yes I got the packages. Thank you very much!! Everything is going good right now as a DL.  It is fun, just besides the fact of doing numbers every week. That is where O get the numbers from everyone in the district then report them to the zone leaders. 

We had an awesome miracle this past week!! Elder Hozman and I were trying potentials in this trailer park in Troy King and we saw one and we decided to try it, so we were looking everywhere and we found it. We see the truck and it has a Chihuahua license plate, so we knew that they were Hispanic. We knock on the door and a girl answers and we say hi and ask her what her name is and then we told her we were the missionaries and she said I know who you are and we have been waiting for you. Elder Hozman and I look at each and we are like seriously?? She said yes and told us how she just moved from Casa Grandes about a month ago and she told the missionaries in Mexico to make sure her number got up here so we could call her and find out where she lives so we could show her where the church is. The funny thing is, we didn't get her number and we just tried a "random" house. So it was really cool. She is a less-active member and her husband is not a member and wants to learn more when he comes back from North Dakota. Then the next day we took President Eyring (our branch president) out with us and she was telling us that when we left yesterday she was wishing she could hug us and that after she was crying and so thankful that we were able to find her house "randomly". She came to church with us on Sunday and her and her daughter loved it so much.  The branch has been praying for more members and then we found her.  So it was awesome!

So it has been a really good week for us!! 

Here is a pic of the gang back together again.

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