Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 8, 2015

So here is some news for you, we are restarting our area because no one is progressing and they don't really want to do anything so we decided to just restart everything. But I received a phone call on Friday night from Elder Castro and Gonzalez from Cortez. Haha it really surprised me and we just talked it was really nice to talk to them! I also talked to Elder Oakley and Rubio on Monday night as well!

So some more news for ya. I have been thinking about college a little bit and talked to some people about different routes to take, and one of our branch represteantives is a lawyer and after talking to him I decided not to take that route in life. It just sounds miserable, unless you own your own firm. So that is a no! But I have decided to go in to the medical field! Also I am thinking about going to BYU Idaho with Elder Larsen, so ya thought I would let you know.  He's from Pullman, Washington.  We will be going home about the same time. Oh and if anyone is ever wondering what to send to me, Walmart gift cards are always awesome.

Love ya!

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