Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 22, 2015

HEY!! So I am going back to Farmington and it will be the same address as before! Also I am writing you a letter so that will come in the next week and that has all of the details of what has happened this past week! It was a crazy fun filled week! I also have a lot of pictures I will send!

I am excited to go back and it will be good to be with Elder Sanchez! He is from New York and goes home with Elder Castro in November. I will be living in the AP's house again. Elder Jensen is staying here and is going with Elder Gonzalez, so that is cool!
I really have like President Batt and how much he has done for me and he is just an all around great President! He has helped me out with a lot here and I am excited to see how things will go with President Adams and it happens on June 28 ( I think).

on the Colorado border 

 This is a Great Kiva.  The Indians would do ceremonial dances in them.
 The inside of the Great Kiva.
 Me and Elder Larsen (the one I want to room with at College)

The Balloon Rally that we helped with Friday and Saturday. 
 That is Elder Dodge on the side.  He's from the Logan area.
 This is the one we helped with on Friday.
This is the one we helped get up in the air on Saturday

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