Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

I've slacked a little the past couple of weeks.  Here's a little update:

May 26th
HEY!! Everything is going a lot better! We are getting along way better and are starting to have fun and have a lot more success now! Well we got locked out of our house because I forgot the keys and so we tried carding the door but didn't work so Elder Jensen put his shoulder in to it and kind of broke the door so ya haha and right before he did, I told him not to break the door, so I kind of jinxed it! Our investigator is still on date and his family his helping him a lot with everything which is good! There is a lot of support right now with him and his family!

It has been raining here and there but all in all it has been good! My Spanish is getting a lot better. I am so close to being fluent and I am getting a lot of help from one of our investigators. She corrects me a lot, which is a good thing. She is one of my favorites also.  Her name is Ana.  She is 23 or 24 and is married and has two little girls.  They are a really cool family.  Here's a couple of random pics.  The first one is our truck that I drive and the other one is a sign we came upon while we were driving around one day.

June 1st
Everything is getting better here with the companion! We only have one person on date right now. We had to let the other family go for right now so that they can see if this is really what they want to do! We have about 9 investigators now in total from our 18! We have been dropping like crazy these last few weeks, because they are not doing anything! We are most likely going to drop a few more in these next couple of weeks. So we are really trying to focus on finding people. It is very difficult to find people, that are Spanish people! We went to a members birthday party for their little girl who turned one. She is a really cute girl. There wasn't much that happened this week so that was kind of a bummer! Today we are going to Farmington and the Palfreyman's are going to feed us dinner.  That is going to be fun!

I am glad Holden had fun (at the dance), and yes I know who she is. She is Brett Johns cousin too. While you are in Lake Powell you should try and swing down to the Arizona border and see Elder Oakley in Page haha!  

I got the package thank you. Have a good week.  Love ya!

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