Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey, thank you for the pictures and letting me know about Kelton. Yes I have gotten my glasses and I like them a lot, a little different but nice. 

Everything is going great. We have a new investigator. His name is Joaquin and he is 11 and is the one that is progressing the most out of all of our investigators. He loves the Book of Mormon and everything we teach him. We teach his parents too, they are just a little in head of him but he is catching up pretty quick. Their family is great and we love them so much.  

So most likely next transfer I might be taking over the area so that will be a little scary! But the weather here is toooooo HOT!! With a suit coat it really sucks and you get pretty tired. But Spanish is getting better and I am learning more and more everyday. Overall I am doing great and love ya and thank you so much for the package as well.

-Elder Richards 

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