Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 8, 2016

Everything is going really great we had a pretty good week and we put someone else on date Saturday. His name is Rodrigo and I briefly mentioned him last week, but he is on date for September 24th. He is a pretty elect guy, His desire to learn is great and when we went over there this past week we asked him to pray and after he asked us why is it every time that he prays with us there we make him cry. It was so good to see him recognizing the spirit so strong and I cant wait to see where things go with him. Also we had Vanessa and Luis on date again for September 17th and they also came to church yesterday too, so another awesome miracle. 

On Sunday I was able to teach the Gospel Doctrines class on Alma 32-34 it went pretty good, i think, but it has gotten a lot easier to teach in Spanish that is for sure! Also I am going to send a package home and if you could just put it in my room unopened that would be great and it just has all my letters in there and also I am going to send one home my winter stuff in another and Sister Palfreyman is coming up on the weekend of the 9th and said she will bring up the rest for me. 

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