Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 24, 2016

It is crazy how fast time is flying by!!! Also no I don't have any plans and also I was wondering when could I start at WLF could it be that Monday when I get home??

Yes that would be awesome to have Tyson and Caylee over with the kids. Everything else is going great. The way this week works out it is going to go by so fast because we have exchanges for the next 3 days basically so that is going to be crazy! Also I am going to send a package home today hopefully and then everything else I will send home with Sister Palfreyman.  Also I was wondering if I could use some of the money on my home card to pay for a dry cleaned suit( it is the one I am wearing home)! 

We put someone else on date last week. Her name is Cindy and she is awesome. The only thing is that her husband doesn't want her to get baptized. He is okay with her taking lessons but not being baptized so we will see how things will go this next little bit!

Thank you and I will talk to you soon! Love you and have a great day!

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