Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 23, 2016

Good morning,

Things are going pretty well as of right now.  We have found a few new investigators this week so that has been pretty good. To add on to last weeks story of the lady and how we were put there in the right moment. On Thursday all of our lessons fell through and all of our back ups fell through too.  At one point our back up fell through even before we got there, that is how bad it was. We got the impression to go and see Brenda, the lady that went through that hard time last week. We stopped by and knocked on their door and no answer and knocked again and nothing and right as we were going to step down they pulled in again and she just got back from the Hospital and so it was a miracle to have been there right in the right time again. We taught part of the plan of salvation with the atonement and resurrection. It was a great lesson with her and her family.  

Things are going pretty good so far, still a lot of rough patches that we are getting through is all.

Remember that the "The Spirit can not play his role as comforter if are not out of our comfort zone". I can't remember who said that but I really like it.

This was our hike over in Dulce

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