Monday, June 27, 2016

June 20, 2016

Things are going pretty good here. It was an interesting week last week lets just say that! Haha.  But thanks for the package and yes I got the glasses thank you so much because they really help out a lot!!! I really do appreciate it! 

The "hole" in my mouth is doing better! It is healing and not really any pain any more. Still every once in a while I feel something when I eat something and it gets pushed in there but that is really it! 

Thanks for the pictures it looks pretty cool up there!

We lost a few more investigators and so that has been pretty tough but still finding others. This past 2 weeks have been going by fast because we are working but at the same time it is kind of slow because no one is opening their doors and they are gone because of vacation so it is kind of tough really. But we are still pushing forward!

So on Friday we were at the Garcia's (the first counselor in the branch) but we were about to start to pray when their neighbor knocked on the door and said that there was a huge fire in their back yard. We ran outside and their back yard was up in flames. So we all ran outside and started grabbing the shovels and started to stop the spread of it while the fire department was on their way! A cool experience from it was the fact of the protection of the garments because my arms and my lower legs were very hot, but where the garments were I didn't feel a thing so I for sure have a testimony of them and how they really do protect us in everything and luckily we stopped the spread of the fire and then the fire department showed up and got everything squared away. Nothing of importance got destroyed and it destroyed the telephone post and they even got that replaced that night and that was also the cause of the fire. The transformer popped and started it. No one got hurt either so we were very blessed!

Thank you again for everything mom love ya 

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