Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

Hey! To answer you question, my toes are doing better. The infection is going down, and yes i got the packages thank you so much. About that families that you are helping for Christmas, the first family has a girl who is 16 (so i am not for sure what you could do for her) They have an 8 year old boy as well as a 5 and 6 year old girls. The other family has a boy who is 7 and a girl who is 1 1/2- 2 years old.  The other family, she is an only parent and she has 2 boys that are 5 and 6 and 2 girls that are 5 and 14. So really anything is helpful. Tell them thank you so much! 
 Yes I did get grandma's card! I will email her today and tell her thanks.
This week went pretty good.  We doubled our lessons from last week and the HE IS THE GIFT cards we have been handing them out like candy. They are being very helpful and this is like the best time to get in with families because they are always home and it is the perfect time to talk about Christ. We also have 3 new investigators so that was very good! It is also starting to get a little colder now but it is still not too bad.  I am still good without a sweater until the sun goes down then it just gets super cold. 
I was able to watch the videos of Holden and can tell he is looking really good this year! 
Love ya 
- Elder Richards 

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