Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

My companions are Elder Castro and Elder Gonzalez.  Elder Castro is from Albuquerque and Elder Gonzalez is from Texas! They both have been out about a year! Yes i can have music and just about anything.  I have bought a few cds but not much and just really any music.  It would be nice to not get as much junk food because everyone here in Farmington (Spanish elders) gain a lot of weight so that would be nice haha!   

Everything this last week went super good!! I had my first baptism and it was the coolest thing!! So this week we taught this lady her name is Lupe and she has never talked to missionaries before so she let us in her house and we were talking about the love of God and Christ. Her testimony of it was indescribable. It was really cool! She basically opened up to us and just let it all out and she said how grateful she was to meet us and we rescheduled for today so it should go really good! We ran into her on Saturday and she told us after we had left something really good happened but she wanted to tell us tonight so we are excited! It is starting to get a little colder here but it is still in the 60's so that is way nice! The color on the trees is basically gone so that kind of sucks now but all in all it is just fantastic here! I gave my first talk in Spanish in our sacrament meeting! It was a little nerve racking but it wasn't too bad because there are not too many people in our branch (around 50 maybe) but there were less yesterday because one of the girls had her sweet 16 party and everyone in the branch was basically at it so the people that were there were a little tired ha but the branch is awesome and I love everyone in it! We had one of our investigators come to church for her second time in a row and she absolutely loves it! We also had a couple of less active families show up too so we had a pretty successful week! I love all you guys so much and hope you have the best week!

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