Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

HEY!! Everything is going a little better, but not a whole lot of improvement! On the bright side my Spanish is getting a lot better. I am now able to hold a conversation for a long time and as well as teach lessons, so that is going great! 

My Birthday was good. At Zone Conference President Batt and all the missionaries sang to me, it was pretty cool, but weird at the same time! The Palfreymans came over and sang Happy Birthday and brought me cake and at Zone Conference we took 3rd for the cleanest truck!

So something funny this week that happened was when we were filling up our truck with gas on Friday, there was this motor home that was selling any kind of stickers that you can think of.  So we went and just checked it out and there was this old guy who was looking for a certain sticker. He started talking to us and started asking why we thought we could add to the Bible when it clearly states in revelations that you can not add to the Bible.  So I was talking to him and proved his point wrong like 5 times but still didn't listen to me. Then I hear Elder Jensen say," I know that I haven't read the bible and I am going to hell!!!" and yes he yelled that.  So I continue to keep talking to him and then after we were getting ready to leave the guy says "put the book of Mormon down and find the real Jesus" so Elder Jensen then yells "Have a good day sir"  and as soon as we get in the truck he says I messed up and I just went "yep, yes you did. Then yesterday we saw were that guy lived and so Elder Jensen wanted to apologize so he did! That was the fuuny thing this week.

We also had stake conference as well, it was really good! That was really about everything for this week!

Oh and shaving is getting to be a pain so maybe if you can get a chance an electric razor would be awesome but if not that is totally fine! I don't have any new pictures this week but next week!

 At Stake Conference
Enjoying strawberry shortcake that the Palfreyman's brought for his bday.

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