Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18, 2014

The MTC is so beautiful I love it! It is like a little paradise in Mexico City. On Monday it was the Mexican Independence day so that was really cool to see.  We sang the national anthem and there were dancers and it was just really cool. And I love it!

I think there are around 700 missionaries and there are about 90 acres that we are spread across! The house isn't as bad as I thought.   There are two bunk beds and it is only me and my companion that are in there so we each get our own and so it makes showering and the bathroom all together really easy. There are 10 missionaries including me and my companion in our house and 8 of them are in our district and the other two are in a different one. In our district we all rode the plane over here together except my companion, and everyone is going to Lima, Peru Central Mission but me and my companion  to so it is kind of funny haha.  My companion is pretty good.  He doesn't do any sports or hunt, he can play the piano very, very well and he knows the gospel too. His name is Elder Patterson and he is from Arizona. The food is different but good.   I know not to eat the beans any more unless you drink like four bottles of water right after ha but I have sworn off beans though because it is not fun!!

Everything is going awesome here.  I have had a couple of rough days on Friday and Ssaturday because I was getting so frustrated I couldnt even stand it and I was just so exhausted and beat from it but now I am doing good and the Spanish is coming along slowly but I am starting to speak a little bit.  I taught my first investigator and my companeró told me that I had a french accent while speaking Spanish  hahaha!! so I am trying to get ride of it but it is hard!  Love ya lots and tell the family that I love them!
​-Elder Richards


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