Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 2, 2016

Good afternoon!!

So the work is going really great right now we were able to have 2 members come out with us this past week and it went really good! 

My comp is from South Carolina and he is 25 years old and thinks he know just about everything in life that there is too know because he is 5 years older than me haha so it is kind of interesting. (edited out the rest :))

This last Saturday we had Elder Cook come and speak to us so that was a really cool experience. The whole mission was there and it was good to see everyone and to know how they are doing! He really talked a lot  about mission calls and also obedience so it was really good and we were able to shake his hand too!

Here are a few pictures!

It is Elder Herrera. Goodell and Lake, he just went home

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